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DID YOU KNOW  Promotional Products is a 22+ Billion Dollar a year industry?

DID YOU KNOW  Four out of Five orders placed online with no human help results in errors?

DID YOU KNOW  99 % of Promo Products Sales fall into only NINE categories?

The below images and web site links are meant to stimulate ideas and see what is available in general. The brand, message or logo you want to convey many times dictate the selection of the item that can CARRY that message. In many cases ARC PROMOTIONAL DESIGN, will recommend an item NOT SEEN Below. Day to Day changes in availability, price, and many other factors, require us to know the best items for the job NOW. In most cases, ARC PROMOTIONAL DESIGN must have vectored art to send to our suppliers. The time it takes to get the message vector ready must be considered.


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We have designed this form for you to describe the occasion for which you would like our advice. No salesperson will call and bug you but we CANNOT give you the information unless we know with whom we are communicating. It is, therefore, necessary for you to list your business name, address, phone, fax and e-mail or this form cannot be completed. Describe in free form the situation for which you need a solution... Give us an adequate time frame with which to work. If you have a trade show next week and need a custom imprinted product, our choices may be severely limited. Ours is a target marketing business and to that end we have posed some key questions to help us target your specific solution.

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