Nurtured Relationships = Predictable Profits

The Case for Promotional Products



A satisfied customer is passive, whereas if you can create LOYALTY, you will have a customer that will not only not go away, they will become an active cheerleader in your business……they will want to see you do well.

Promotional Products are one of the keys to building, maintaining, and cementing business relationships. It is human nature to desire to be appreciated, and use of promotional products are a tangible symbol of appreciation.


To answer that, think of the small percentage of your clients that give you the largest percentage of your profits. Also think of relationships that refer large amounts of business to you. Most of us do not have thousands of clients. We are small business and typically, we make our living on less that 200 to 250 clients per year. For most of us, we have 40 clients that give us 80% of our business. Of those 40 clients, 15 are indispensable. If you make $85,000.00 per year, some of those clients are putting $4,000.00 or more in your pocket annually. What are they worth? What would they be worth to get them back if you lost them? Your competitors are probably targeting your top 15.


If we are prudent, we manage our risks. We insure our cars, we insure our property. We insure our partnerships with buy/sell agreements. Why not insure our customer relationships? According to surveys, the biggest reason that we lose business is because of perceived indifference! Using promotional products effectively is not buying business or bribing clients. This writer has seen for years the growth acceleration of those companies that take their clients to UT football games, buy them nice gifts, take them golfing. These business people make every client interface memorable with a kind word and a thoughtfully chosen ballpoint pen or another promotional product. The writer has also seen small business people that gasp at the thought of giving a $100.00 gift to a client that has given them over $4,000.00 of business profits. These folks are destined to think small, and just get by

It cannot be stressed enough that having good repeat business is building relationships with your clients. Promotional products are useful in ways other than just business gifts. They can:
  • Make your salesforce more comfortable making sales calls when they have something in their hands.
  • Introduce new products and Services
  • Educate a target audience with simple charts and data
  • Build trade show traffic and impact
  • Smooth the way to get past gatekeepers
  • Commemorate Special events and milestones reached
Media Advertising like newspapers, radio and TV is effective for some business, but the majority of businesses have an average of well under 200 clients. Promotional Products are easy to distribute to the target audience, and stay around long after the newspaper is tossed away, and they are unequaled in building good will…… Promotional Products are the advertising medium that remains to be seen.
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