Choosing the Right Promotional Product

With so many promotional products available, it’s easy to become lost in a sea of choices. A qualified promotional products advisor — a Certified Advertising Specialist (CAS) or a Master Advertising Specialist (MAS) — is best suited to helping you choose the right product for your needs.

Some things to keep in mind when evaluating promotional products:

  • Choose a promotional product appropriate for your target market. A tiered approach might be appropriate, with higher value items reserved for your best clients or big prospective accounts and lesser value items tagged for other needs. Select a product likely to resonate with your target audience.
  • Quantity matters. The required minimum order varies by product, as can discounts for large orders.
  • Quality matters, too. There’s nothing wrong with inexpensive items, but avoid anything that looks cheap or breaks easily. After all, what kind of message are you sending when the pen you give a client won’t write?
  • Set a budget. Your promotional products advisor will help you select the right product mix for your budget.
  • Match the product to your corporate image and marketing message. What products best represent your company’s brand? Should you select something useful and durable, something sleek and futuristic, or something creative and fun?
  • Consider your schedule. Some products have longer imprint and shipping times than others. Give yourself as much cushion as possible.
  • Capitalize on seasonal or event themes. Look for tie-ins that will resonate with your target market. Don’t limit yourself to Christmas, either — Thanksgiving, summer break, even Tax Day can let you make an impact on your customers with an appropriately-themed promotional product.
  • Be creative. There’s no need to jump on the latest fads, but creatively choosing a product can help make an impact. Again, your promotional products advisor can help you select unique and effective items.

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