Five Keys for Creating a Successful Promotional Products Campaign

Successful promotion campaigns don't happen by accident. As with any business endeavor, even a little bit of planning goes a long way. Here are five keys to remember in planning your next promotional products marketing campaign:

1. Establish a clear goal.
What are your criteria for a successful promotional products campaign? More traffic at a trade show booth? Increased customer referrals? Better employee attendance? Knowing exactly what you hope to accomplish will make product selection and scheduling a lot easier.

2. Set a schedule.
A promotional products marketing expert will be able to advise you about production times for specific items, but in general you should allow for the maximum lead time possible. Doing so gives you the ability to revise artwork (if necessary), review proofs and avoid costly rush charges. Whether you’re planning for a trade show or a new product launch mail-out, advance scheduling is key to a smooth promotional products campaign.

3. Create a memorable message.
Remember that the promotional product is only the medium — equally important is the message it sends, either explicitly or implicitly, to your target market. One of our clients, a manufacturers’ representative firm, had discontinued sales of a certain brand of equipment in favor of another, better brand. Concerned that customers might react negatively to the change, we helped the firm send an eye-catching package to their target audience: a dime, nickel and penny shrink wrapped in an imprinted change tray, along with an informational letter from the president titled “small change is coming.” Some sort of golf promotional product could be send with a tagline encouraging your customer to “get on the green” with your products or services.

4. Select the right product for your needs.
With over a million potential custom imprinted promotional products available, the possibilities can be a little daunting. That’s where a qualified promotional products marketing advisor can help, guiding you to a range of products that fit your goals, budget, message and schedule. If you’re thinking about a golf promotional product, for example, your advisor can help you choose from custom imprinted golf tees, golf balls, golf clubs, golf bags, golf umbrellas, golf apparel or a number of other golf promotional items. Don't fall prey to the latest trends or fads — sometimes simple and proven is your best bet.

5. Follow up promptly.
For targeted accounts, take advantage of the goodwill created to follow up with clients to make sure they received the gift. Don’t make this a sales call! It is an opportunity to invite them to lunch or some special event, however — if you sent a golf promotional item, call to see if they’ll allow you to treat them to a round next week. Combining promotional products with personal contact maximizes the goodwill created.

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