Three Tips for an Effective Employee Incentive Program

Using select promotional products as corporate awards or as part of an employee incentive program can be an easy but effective way to motivate your staff. Just keep these 3 tips in mind:

1. Set Realistic Goals
Since your goal is motivating your employees, it’s vital that they understand the conditions of the employee incentive program and believe that they can qualify. It’s fine to have ambitious goals, but make sure your employees see them as attainable ones. A blend of individual and group goals and awards may be the best fit for your company.

2. Choose Appropriate Rewards
Rewards can range from trophies to gift certificates to a variety of customized items. Some employee incentive programs allow the employee (and his or her family) to choose from a catalog of items of similar value. Be sure to match the reward to the accomplishment — perfect attendance for the month might be worth only a nice mug, but employee of the year deserves a bigger ticket item. A qualified promotional products advisor can help you identify the best mix of products for your goals, budget and staff.

3. Build Up, Don’t Tear Down
Use an employee incentive program to inspire, motivate and empower your staff, not to discourage or frustrate them. Give them a plan for success and support their efforts to achieve the goals you’ve set, recognizing those who have accomplished significant milestones. When group goals are reached, have “success” meeting celebrating the achievement and the individuals who made it possible. Then build on that good feeling to motivate them to reach an even higher plateau. Remember that more confident employees are also happier, more productive employees.

For more ideas, tips and suggestions for creating an effective employee incentive program, contact us.

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