Why Promotional Products?

Why ARC Promo Designs?

Established in 1990, ARC Promotional Design is one of the leading suppliers of promotional products, trade show promotions, corporate awards and employee incentive programs.
Your customers are under attack. Every day, they’re bombarded with thousands of marketing messages: radio and TV commercials, billboards, print ads, direct mail, telemarketing, pop-up ads, bill stuffers, even movie theater ads. And every single one is competing for their time and attention.

So you have a choice.

Option 1: Jump headfirst into the ad wars, trying to be bigger, louder and more outrageous than your competitors. The problem? It’s expensive, it’s intrusive, and you run the risk of annoying your customers instead of energizing them.

Option 2: Do nothing, crossing your fingers that “out of sight” doesn’t mean “out of mind” where your customers are concerned.

Option 3: Invest in a customized, strategic promotional products campaign that can grow your brand awareness, increase the number and quality of referrals, and promote repeat business.

Which one will help you sleep a little better at night?

Promotional Products: Marketing that Remains to be Seen
Sure, we’re a little biased, but with over 50 years of team experience in promotional marketing products, we’ve seen just how effective the use of promotional products can be. Successful companies of every size in every industry have made them an integral part of their marketing efforts — and reaped the benefits.

Think about it. Where would you rather invest your marketing budget: in a 30-second commercial no one sees, or in the favorite coffee mug your customer uses every morning? An outrageously expensive Yellow Pages ad, or the comfortable folding chair you client takes to tailgating parties? An easily-ignored bill-stuffer, or a box of chocolates?

Most advertising is here one moment, gone the next. Promotional products are the medium that remains to be seen.

Numbers Don’t Lie
Don’t just take our word about the effectiveness of promotional products. Consider these statistics:
  • A Baylor University study found that salespeople who gave promotional business products to their customers received 22% more referrals than those who did not.
  • According to researchers at Southern Methodist University, customers who received promotional products reordered up to 18% sooner than those who received coupons, and spent 27% more.
  • Adding a promotional marketing product to a mail promotion increased the response rate by 50%, according to a direct mail study by the Silver Marketing Group.
  • In comparing customers who received either a letter of thanks or a merchandise specialty gift valued at $40 retail, researchers at Wayne State University found that 6 months later, sales among those who received the gift were 400 percent higher than for those who got only the letter.

Not The Same Old Stuff
Promotional products have come a long way, baby.

Sure, there are still the old standbys: coffee mugs, calendars, pens, keychains and other printable promotions. But there’s so much more. High quality clothing, multi-use tools, luggage, clocks, jewelry, personal music players, cameras, pedometers, barware, coolers, fishing equipment, poker accessories, cookbooks, a whole range of golf promotional products — the list of custom imprinted promotional products is practically endless. If there is room to print, we can get it.

So feel free to browse our online catalogue to see what’s available to fit your needs and budget. Or better yet, contact us and we’ll be happy to customize a strategic promotional products campaign just for you.

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